🌱 Seed Pantry’s Super Healthy Foods! 🌱 No.2

We’re celebrating the power of ✨🍅 Tomatoes 🍅✨

Tomatoes (Solanum lycopersicum) come in all shapes and sizes, from cherry tomatoes to beefsteaks. The ultimate fresh fruit/veg! companion, and the vibrant colour providers in any salad and cooked dish.

This classic fruit provides great nutritional value, with around 5 cherry tomatoes containing a quarter of the Vitamin A and C recommended per day!.

🌟 Special Power – Lycopene 🌟

Lycopene is the compound within tomatoes responsible for giving them their red colour. Studies have suggested that Lycopene can help reduce the risk of skin cancer by helping our skin protect itself from UV rays. Lycopene is also a strong antioxidant that can help protect against other forms of cancer.

We have a great selection of gourmet tomatoes to grow in the Grow Club today, so come and have a look!


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