5 steps to create your own flower bulb lasagne!💐

Sometimes it’s hard planting and designing spring flower bulb displays in the garden. Where do you plant this and when!? Well below is a sure-fire way to create a stunning spring flower display in your own garden spaces, big or small.

To create your own beautiful flower display in any pots and containers here are our 5 steps to success!

Step 1:           Take a large pot/container (from 20cm deep/wide upwards) and check the required planting depth for each of your flower bulbs. For example, daffodils need to be planted around 10cm deep while crocus at 5cm.  Once you know this, measure along the inside of the pot, from the top down, to the depth required for each bulb type and mark with a pen, note: add 2-3cm for the gap between the top of the pot and the level you fill the compost to.

Step 2:           After this add drainage to the bottom of the pot, such as a layer of pebbles or gravel. Bulbs generally like semi-fertile, slightly gritty soil that drains well. You can mix standard compost with some builder’s sharp sand or grit to help with drainage. Now fill the pot, with the compost, up to the deepest planting depth you marked inside the pot.

Step 3:           Start spacing out your first lot of flower bulbs on the compost surface generally in small groups or clusters or design how you would want them to pop up and flower. Always plant with the pointed tip upwards and allow some space between each bulb, 2 to 3cm or more.

Step 4:          Add another layer of compost over the top of your deepest set of bulbs, up to the next planting depth line you added and start planting your next group of flowers. You can avoid planting them directly above the bulbs below, although they will generally find their way into the light.

Step 5:         Then finally cover with new layer of compost before watering well and placing the pot in a nice bright position ready for spring and that’s it! Keep moist but not too wet and when they begin to grow and then flower, keep them well watered.

It’s a good idea to match 2 or 3 plant types together, that flower after each other in succession. For example; Crocus flower first in the year, followed by daffodils, followed by tulips, followed by alliums. So you could match and add bulbs/corms for crocus and daffodils together in one pot to get an early spring display, then make a pot with tulips and alliums in, for late spring displays, so you have continuous flowers.

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Neil – Founder at Seed Pantry