Hassle free ultra-fresh ingredients, the new Seed Pantry grow pod is essential for all cooks!















You don’t need to be a gardener or green fingered, the new Seed Pantry grow pod does the work for you! Growing fresh, nutrient-rich herbs, salads, chillies, cherry tomatoes and leafy greens indoors on window sills, desktops or in schools is now a simple process with no soil, no mess and hassle free.

Seed Pantry grow pod 3_wUsing hydroponics the grow pod produces plants faster than traditional methods using Seed Pantry seeds and advanced growing medium. You can use the automated smart grow pod for fresh seasonal ingredients for home cooking, garnishes, drinks and salads. Hydroponic plants have a growth rate 30 to 50 percent faster than soil grown plants under the same conditions and with a greater yield, giving you more fresh produce in less time.

Grow essential aromatic herbs to bring the best quality flavours into your kitchen that include basil, chives, coriander, parsley, thyme and rosemary. Choose to grow wonderful fresh ingredients for super food salads, from lettuce, chillies, cherry tomatoes, rocket, spring onions, spinach, chard, to mustards, mizuna and pak choi. The grow pods are versatile and can be used to grow flower varieties too, edible flowers or otherwise!

To get started, simply add the medium to the grow pods, followed by your chosen seeds, fill the water reservoir, then once the plants are ready to be eaten, just pick or snip what you need.


The smart grow pods indicate when the water is low and when you need to add more. With an automated control system, it offers a no mess, no fuss way of producing herbs, salads and fruiting vegetables essential, fresh ingredients, for cooking.

Seed Pantry grow pod When to Water_w

Seed Pantry grow pods are priced at £35 for a limited period (normally £40), including a grow kit, with x3 starter seed packs, growing medium and fertiliser.

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