Could you go vegan for Veganuary?

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Thousands of people around the UK are giving up all animal products for January by taking part in Veganuary!

While some are banishing the booze and others are fighting the flab, others are pledging to go vegan for a month.

The Veganuary campaign encourages people to try and live without meat, fish and other animal-based products such as dairy.

A vegan diet is rich in vegetables, fruits, whole grains and legumes and good quality fats from nuts and seeds. Going vegan can improve your energy levels, boost your mood and can help you to lose those extra pounds gained over the festive period. It also helps to reduce animal cruelty and provides environmental benefits too.

The Veganuary website offers inspiring recipes, meal ideas, videos, advice on the best places to eat out, as well as words of encouragement from vegan celebrities and sports people such as Samuel L Jackson and Russell Brand.

Here at Seed Pantry, we strongly encourage growing your own vegetables, herbs, salads and as much as possible, as it helps to reduce waste and allows you to eat wholesome, fresh, organic foods. Now is a great time to start thinking about setting up a vegetable patch in the garden, or if you don’t have the space, our great new Grow Pod lets you grow your own from your own kitchen!

As well as being cost-effective and environmentally friendly, growing your own veg, salads and herbs means you can eat completely organic produce, grown and picked by you. So why not make the most of Veganuary by growing your own and enjoying fresh, organic, vegan foods.

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