🍃 Our Guide to Air Plants 🍃

This month we started a new obsession, AIR PLANTS! 🍃 These amazing plants are truly fascinating! To avoid any confusion about what to do with these plants we thought we post about what makes them so special! 🌟

Air Plants, (Tillandsia) are tropical plants that do not have roots and therefore do not require soil to grow! This means you can grow them mostly anywhere!

Air Plants or sky plants, as they are sometimes called are from the bromeliads plant family. They are Epiphytes, meaning an organism that captures moisture/nutrients from the air and rainwater through its leaves.

Here is our guide on how to care for your Air Plants! 😁


As they have no roots and require no soil, placement is unlike any other type of plant. You will most likely want a way to prop them up or to keep the air plant in. You can do this in various ways. From adding to small pots, displaying on driftwood, to copper wire mobiles hanging from the ceiling, they all look great. One of the most popular ways to do display them is with the use of terrariums or Aeriums.

The later of these can be made at home! Aeriums are glass enclosures that contain air plants, making them a great place for air plants to live and grow. You can create your own by using any spare glass cups you have and placing them inside. You can add sand or pebbles to the base of the glass to help prop the plant up also.


Originating from tropical climates mean air plants need sunlight to stay healthy, however not too much as it will dry them out. This makes windowsills the best place to put Air plants. Make sure to choose a window that provides indirect sunlight.

Air plants pull in moisture from the air to help them survive, so humid environments, such as bathrooms and kitchens, are perfect. The more humid the environment the less you will need to mist the plants in order to keep them happy.


As soon as your air plants arrive, soak them in room temperature water for 60 minutes, and for best results soak them in rainwater. After this, there are two methods of watering you can do to keep your air plants healthy.

Misting/spraying: Use a diffuser/spray device and water them this way regularly, 1 to 2 times a week during warm weather and once per week during colder months.


Soaking method: Once every other week, soak the plants in a bath (a bowl is good) of room temperature water and wait for 120-180 minutes. Remove and gently shake off excess/leave upside down and let them dry completely.  They will look healthy after this.

All in all, they are really easy to grow and take care of!

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