🌟 Our favourites of the month: August! 🌟

As August draws to a close, we wanted to reflect on the last few weeks. With the weather being classically British, and often perfect for growing, with the mixture of sunshine and rain, some really hot heat too! It has helped us grow some amazing food and flowers this month. From new varieties to ones grown many times before, it has been quite the month for our Grow Clubbers too who are all gardening enthusiasts! So, we wanted to share some of our favourite picks and highlights for the month straight from the Seed Pantry Office!

Nick’s Pick:

This month, as a rookie gardener, it is the first time that I have grown dahlia flowers and so they’re a no brainer pick for me. My Dahlia ‘Bishop of Canterbury’ flowers have been especially good and just keep on flowering and they are my pick for the month! With luscious dark foliage and bright single flowers, I’ve enjoyed watching them grow and keep on producing!

Neil’s Picks:

As shown on Instagram, he was particularly proud of his Onion ‘Long Red Florence’ and the Bronze Fennel too. It was the first time of growing either, so was a good adventure. He has have grown many shallots and onions in the past but the heirloom Red Florence onion looks great in the veg patch and he can’t wait to eat them!

The Bronze fennel looks amazing in garden borders as an ornamental plant, but it also produces exceptional flavours for use in the kitchen. With a sweet aniseed aroma when you brush past them, the leaf fronds can be finely chopped for seafood, roasted vegetable and salad dishes.

So new to us that we’re coming up with recipes and ideas on how to cook fennel!


All our top picks come from the Seed Pantry Grow Club discovery boxes, sent monthly, that you can sign up and save on the best plants, flower bulbs and seeds from around the world, delivered to your door to grow. See here for more details: https://www.seedpantry.co.uk/grow-club.html


Seed Pantry Team