Seed Pantry teams up with Waitrose to launch “Grow and Sell” scheme for schools

Seed Pantry is working with Waitrose supermarkets on a fantastic scheme to encourage schools to produce and sell home-grown food.

Aimed at 7 – 11 year olds in primary schools across the UK, the initiative aims to inspire over 100,000 children to grow their own produce over the summer months. Children will learn about where food comes from, the impact and importance of the seasons and develop entrepreneurial skills by selling their produce directly to Waitrose shoppers.

Seed Pantry has provided the “Grow and Sell Seed Kits” for schools to set up and maintain their own vegetable patches. They contain seeds for the children to plant and grow vegetables such as lettuces, beetroots, peppers, peas and courgettes, all the pots, dibbers and equipment they need as well as step-by-step instructions.

Alan Titchmarsh is also involved with the campaign and is helping to raise the profile of British agriculture and horticulture.

Neil Whitehead, founder of Seed Pantry says: “This is a fantastic project for us to be involved with and we are delighted to have been selected as the supplier for the school kits. Growing your own is something I am passionate about and this project is one that I am extremely proud of. I look forward to seeing the results over summer!

“It’s important to teach children from an early age where their food comes from, so they can appreciate the time and effort that goes into growing, maintaining and harvesting fresh produce. It also encourages children to eat well and to try a wider variety of foods, as well as giving them a huge sense of achievement when they watch their seeds grow lovely fresh, organic fruits, vegetables and herbs.”

The scheme is set to be rolled out across all 290 Waitrose stores and schools will be able to receive additional ‘Grow and Sell Seed Kits’ through the in-store Waitrose Community Matters scheme, where customers can support their local school by dropping a green token into the relevant perspex box.

More details are available on the Waitrose website: For more information on Seed Pantry grow your own kits, visit