Add colour to your cocktails this Spring

Spring herbs and yogurt smoothie, diet vitamin drinkIt’s really starting to feel like Spring, so now is a great time for sowing and growing but also harvesting lots of flavoursome and healthy herbs!

Now we all know herbs are great for cooking with, but what about adding them to your drinks too – cocktails, mocktails, or even to liven up a glass of water!

Mint is the obvious choice for a refreshing drink. Perfect in mojitos, martinis, juleps and Pimm’s for the grown ups, or in homemade mint lemonade for all the family, mint is also a digestive and is packed with essential vitamins and minerals.

Savoury-sweet and with a peppery edge, basil is a novel addition to a garden-inspired cocktail. It goes great with vodka and gin-based drinks, or can act as a pretty garnish in a fruit juice or soda water.

Try adding fresh rosemary to a lemontini or a sprig of thyme to a glass of prosecco or cava.

Or why not add your freshly chopped herbs to your ice cube tray. Just add a few leaves to each cube, add fresh water and freeze. Once they have frozen, remove from the tray as and when you need them to give your springtime drinks a spritz of colour.

Our favourite afternoon drink is a soda water with fresh, homegrown lime wedges and a mint leaf ice cube – so refreshing!

Let us know of any herb-inspired drinks you enjoy and send us your photos on our Facebook and Twitter pages, or email us on with your suggestions.