🌼 The RHS Chelsea Flower Show 🌼

The RHS Chelsea Flower Show earlier this week was incredible! The gardens they had on display were amazing! We are still in the process of taking it all in. 😁

There was so much there, it was overwhelming! As a little roundup here are some of our favourite colours and plants from the show!

The Osteospermum ‘Purple Sun’ was Nick’s favourite flower from the day. The orange and purple made them look surreal. As for dahlias, the ‘Chatsworth Splendour’ with dark almost black foliage made for an outstanding flower. And we couldn’t leave out the bonsai tree, whose pink blossoms caught our eye! 💐

Others we have are a burnt Iris colour matching nicely with the rusty steels, some bright stalks of chard looking stunning and a wonderful variegated hosta too – Fire and Ice! 😍

We are always looking for new and interesting plants to bring to the Grow Club, so rest assured we’ve got your plant growing addictions covered! 👌😎🌱

Seed Pantry Team