🌱 Seed Pantry’s Super Healthy Foods! 🌱 No.5

The Vitamin super booster that is 🥬 Kale 🥬 and green-leafy vegetables! 🥗

Dark leafy vegetables such as kale and spinach are a great way to dramatically increase your daily vitamin intake. The combination of vitamins and minerals give it high nutritional value, making leafy greens the ultimate health addition to meals and drinks! 🍵 From soups to smoothies, leafy greens are really versatile and could we ever forget the strength spinach gave Popeye! 😉 –
Vegetables like these are just packed full of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and with health beneficial compounds such as Lutein 👀 Known as “the eye vitamin”. Researched has shown that Lutein can help prevent eye disease and deterioration of sight! 👓
They are filled with Vitamin A, C and K. 100 grams of fresh leaves can provide over 200% of recommended daily intake!! 🥬

To grow leafy greens, simply sow some seeds outdoors, add a little TLC, and you’ll be cropping all year around!

🌟 Special Power – Vitamin-K 🌟

Green-leafy vegetables have many superpowers as mentioned 🤓 However it is their high vitamin content that separates them from other fruits and veg.🥗
Kale is an excellent source for Vitamin-K; 100g provides over 300% of our recommended intake! Vitamin-K is an important factor in bone health and wound healing, and is used often to help treat bone problems 🦴 Research has shown it can help reduce the risk of bone fractures and breakage. 🥬 Amazing! 🌿🌿🌿


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