Office Food Garden Update! 🌶️

Our office Grow Pod’s have chillies ready to harvest! These are ‘Basket of Fire’ chillies that come with the Grow Pod 2 and we have been devising ways to add them to our lunches! 🌶️

At first, we did try to get people in the office to try them! however, no one seemed brave enough to attempt the first taste…! So Nick took them home to cook with and thoroughly enjoyed a bit of spicy heat…

Our Chilli Pepper ‘Orange Tyger’ plant is doing very well also and has now started flowering. Soon it will follow with chillies…orange ones! 😁 Also our Purple Basil, Red Robin cherry tomatoes are coming along nicely in the Grow Pod, but we are not quite ready to show yet! 😉

We will keep you posted on all of our office growing activities throughout summer! 🌅

Seed Pantry Team