Nick’s Turn to Plant Dahlia Flowers 💐

Following in the footsteps of Richard (Sharpen Your Spades) and Neil, it is now my turn to finish planting all of my Dahlia flowers! 💐…and you thought we may have been done talking about them!

So I have already planted 3 into containers over the last few weeks, but as I have a shared garden, I wanted to check with the rest of my building that they were OK with me planting things in the shared space.

As you would expect, they all agreed! I have planted them all directly into the ground on the garden borders as the frosts seem to be behind us now! I closely followed the instructions given to me by Neil in our blog, as this is the first time I have ever grown Dahlia flowers.

This has to be the most excited I have been to grow these Mexican flowers, so roll on Summer! 😁

Nick – Rookie Gardener

Seed Pantry Team