Nick: What’s going on in my garden? (January, 2020)

Currently, the only food plants I have growing are my chillies. I planted 6 different varieties but in a classic Nick move, I didn’t label any, so it will be a surprise as they grow! Oh well, still can’t wait for this year’s mouth burners!

In the garden, I have curated a few pots of various tulips which I’m extremely excited about! Last year, I planted bulbs with little to no thought about colour matches or design while this year, I have gone for an orange/red on white colour scheme, so hopefully, come Spring, my neighbours will be super jealous! 😉

Elsewhere my Crocus flowers have all started to take form but have yet to grace me with flowers, though some are very close! Hopefully, there won’t be much more frost over the next few weeks!

I am saving pots and space in the garden for dahlia flowers coming up in March! They were my favourite plants from last year so I’m very excited about those! 😃

Let us know what’s going on in your garden at this time of year?! 😁


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