Know food better in 2015

Knobbly carrots

As we settle into 2015, we’re setting a resolution to know our food better, how far does that bag of salad travel, where does all the wonky veg go!?

At Seed Pantry we like to know that we’re eating good food, knowing where it comes from and what gets done to it before we eat it, here are 4 top tips to #knowfoodbetter in 2015!


  • An ugly carrot tastes just as good as a perfectly shaped one! A staggering 20-40 per cent of produce is rejected because it doesn’t look quite right and goes to landfill. Ugly or wonky veg should be coming to a supermarket near you soon, so keep an eye out as they are likely to be 30% cheaper – Asda are selling ‘un-loved’ produce currently…


  • If you subtract 28 days from an Eggs best before date, you can work out when it was laid. Fresh is best for flavour at under week old, normally these would come from the farm shop.


  • During winter, most salads and tomatoes come by lorry from Spain or Holland, where they are grown in big greenhouses. Salad leaves and spinach are washed in chlorine and then stored in ‘modified atmosphere’ packaging, slowing the rate at which the fresh leaves rot. It takes around 4 days to get to the shop.  These leaves are fine but to get the ultimate fresh tasty nutritious leaves you can grow them quickly, year round, in the kitchen or as micro veg in as little as 4 days!


  • We’re buying British this month and reading the labels in supermarkets to see what’s seasonal. Vegetables like winter crops of cabbage, leeks, Brussels sprouts are all fresh from UK farms at the moment…


In our kitchen and small spaces at home we are growing the perfect and not so perfect nutritious food to eat, so for fresh ideas keep visiting this blog! or find us on our Facebook and Twitter pages

Happy New Year to all our #knowfoodbetter friends!