Waitrose chooses Seed Pantry for flagship ‘Grow and Sell’ scheme

Waitrose has re-launched its flagship national ‘Grow and Sell’ scheme to get school children growing their own fruit and veg and has chosen Seed Pantry as its long term partner to supply seed kits and an educational mobile app.

The scheme, which has trebled in size since last year, was so succesful in many communities around the country that it will run again over the Spring and Summer seasons.

Following the successful pilot Seed Pantry will provide the ‘Grow and Sell’ seed kits for schools across the UK to set up and maintain their own vegetable patches. They contain seeds for the children to plant and grow vegetables such as lettuces, beetroots, basil, courgettes, snap peas and all the pots, compost, dibbers and equipment they need as well as step-by-step instructions. The new kit features the addition of wild flower seeds, which will help boost the number of bees, butterflies and other pollinators in school hedgerows.

Also new to this year is an educational mobile app that teachers, children and parents can download to access information on where food comes from, and understand how it’s produced. The app features a crop timer that is set when seeds are sown and reminds you via alerts what to do when and when your plants will be ready to harvest and sell at Waitrose.

For 7 – 11 year olds in primary schools, the initiative aims to inspire over 100,000 children to grow their own produce this season. Children will learn about where food comes from, the impact and importance of the seasons and develop entrepreneurial skills by selling their produce directly to Waitrose shoppers.

Neil Whitehead, founder of Seed Pantry says: “Due to last year’s success we’re delighted that Waitrose has re-launched Grow and Sell and chosen Seed Pantry as their partner to supply the seed kits and app technology. It is a fantastic project for us to be involved with and is testament to our brand and product range that is already in thousands of homes across the UK, inspiring a new generation of food lovers to grow their own healthy produce. By working with Waitrose it really helps to grow our business and employ people to support the ongoing scheme.

Growing food locally is something we are passionate about and want to encourage among people of all ages.”

Tina Varns, Sustainability and Ethical Sourcing Manager at Waitrose said: “Having seen the success of last year’s project, it brings us immense pleasure to re-launch the ‘Grow and Sell’ scheme and support a small entrepreneurial business, which fits very well with the ethos of our business. We hope it will encourage children to choose to eat well, and inspire entrepreneurial minds to flourish, which I know is something Seed Pantry is passionate about too.”

More details are available on the Waitrose website: Waitrose press centre.