Office Food Garden Update! 🌶️

Our office Grow Pod’s have chillies ready to harvest! These are ‘Basket of Fire’ chillies that come with the Grow Pod 2 and we have been devising ways to add them to our lunches! 🌶️

At first, we did try to get people in the office to try them! however, no one seemed brave enough to attempt the first taste…! So Nick took them home to cook with and thoroughly enjoyed a bit of spicy heat…

Our Chilli Pepper ‘Orange Tyger’ plant is doing very well also and has now started flowering. Soon it will follow with chillies…orange ones! 😁 Also our Purple Basil, Red Robin cherry tomatoes are coming along nicely in the Grow Pod, but we are not quite ready to show yet! 😉

We will keep you posted on all of our office growing activities throughout summer! 🌅

Seed Pantry Team

🌱 How to plant and care for Hosta Plants! 🌱

The time has come! Our Seed Pantry June Grow Club box has arrived, so we got stuck in quickly to get our Hosta plants planted!! We have all been very excited about this! 🌿

Here is our quick guide on how to plant and care for your own Hosta plants! 👨‍🎓

1. Our Hostas come as bare root plants, so you can start planting them straight away, directly in borders or in containers.  As they do not need as much sunlight as most plants, you can position them in shadier parts of your growing space!

2. Plant the roots 5-10cm deep and 50cm apart for tall varieties like ‘Vulcan’ and ‘Fire and Ice, and plant with 30cm of spacing for the smaller types like ‘Blue Mouse Ears’. Place the roots downwards with the growing points, facing up.

3. Cover the plants with compost, add a splash of water and wait for the magic to happen! Hostas like fertile, moisture-retentive soil for the best growing conditions.

4. As we mentioned before, Hostas like shade or part shade growing spaces and do not require as much light. This gives you the opportunity to fill darker areas of the garden that may have been left a little bare until now!

Hosta are hardy perennial plants that die back in winter and will come back each year in spring, so simply leave them to do their thing!

Container growing can help fend of slugs, as they do like to chomp on them, also you can ‘companion plant’ by adding Astilbe plants from our June box too, as they hate those and avoid them!

All in all, they are easy to grow and take care of! 😅

Visit Seed Pantry and start growing your own too! 😁

A Chilli plant update! 🌶️

I have been growing my first ever chilli plant and this one is my pride and joy! It was from December’s Grow Club box, however, it took me a little longer than I would have liked to get going, so it is a little behind everyone else’s. Now that it is growing nicely, I have been zealously taking care of it!

I didn’t take note (again!) of what was planted where, but I am hoping it could be ‘Moruga Red’ as I would like to have some serious mouth scorchers! I made a makeshift greenhouse out of a sandwich bag, whilst not visually pleasing, it has helped the chilli plant grow and stay warm.

Soon I will re-pot them, but in the meantime, they will be kept safe here on my windowsill. I cannot wait to grow my own chillies!

Nick – Rookie Gardener

Seed Pantry