We’ve launched the new Seed Pantry grow pod 2!

The Seed Pantry Grow Pod 2 is designed to produce ultra-fresh food indoors with no soil, no mess and hassle free. The Grow Pod 2 now with LED grow light is a smart automated system for growing plants quicker, even in darker spaces, year round.

You don’t need to be a gardener or green fingered, the Seed Pantry grow pod 2 does the work for you! It’s perfect for growing herbs, salads, flowers and fruiting vegetables, like cherry tomatoes or chillies, in your kitchen, on your desktop, anywhere really!

If you love cooking, knowing where your food comes from, the grow pod 2 is essential for having the freshest ingredients ready to pick.

  • Grow ultra-fresh ingredients essential for cooking
  • Automated growing, tells you when to water
  • LED grow light with ON/OFF timer feature
  • Red/Blue light spectrum for strong healthy plants
  • Fast growing hydroponic system
  • Optional ‘get started’ grow pack includes seeds and grow medium
  • Advanced growing medium with nutrients
  • Grow nutritious, pesticide free crops & flowers too


To find out more visit page: Seed Pantry grow pod 2