My Gardening Misconceptions

Before I joined Seed Pantry I had a lot of misconceptions about gardening, some of which now make me look very foolish. I touched upon this in my last blog, but until this year I believed most plants would grow within a month of being planted!  Obviously I now know that this isn’t the case, with most of my garden being scheduled to not start growing until early next year. The whole idea of a dormancy period for a flower bulb was completely alien to me, and if I’m honest I still don’t really understand it yet, but I am learning!

This month, I chose (typical me) all flower options in my Grow Club Box, and I am particularly looking forward to growing irises on my windowsill.  I initially thought I would never be able to keep planting new flowers each month. I believed that each flower bulb would need a country mile of its own space to grow, which my garden was not equipped for. However, once again I was proved wrong as Neil (Mr Seed Pantry himself) showed me a layering technique, known as a bulb lasagne, where I could use what space I had to create flower displays by clustering bulbs together at different depths.  Now I have set pots ready to grow with tulips, alliums and crocuses at various points over the next few months from the same tub!  Now my issue isn’t “oh no I don’t have any more space”, but “oh no, I have planted too many flowers and none of their colours match”.  The next thing I clearly need to learn is garden design because I think, come Spring, I am going to have loads of beautiful flowers that all look very silly next to each other…

For those who would like to learn this layering technique, we have posted a little tutorial on how to do it!



The Rookie Gardener