🌱 How to plant dahlia tubers 🌱

Dahlias have been in March and April Grow Club boxes…so we’ve been planting our own. Here are a few of our grow tips and notes 👨‍🎓👩‍🎓 .

It does look like the last frosts are behind us (famous last words!!), so you can go for planting them directly in final growing positions – borders or large containers (40cm+ wide).

🌱 How to plant dahlia tubers 🌱

1. Generally starting dahlias early go in containers that are kept frost free, then planted out in final positions around mid-May. But for now, they can go out! just protect with newspaper, if by chance, any more frosts do occur.

2. Plant dahlias with the tubers lying horizontally around 12cm deep with general potting compost. Mix in a few handfuls of sand/grit to help drainage.

3. Cover the tubers, add a splash of water and wait for the magic to happen!

4. With tall flowers, at 1m+, some support or stakes may be needed to avoid them toppling over. They need watering regularly during dry summers, every 2/3 days. You can also add a liquid fertiliser every 2 weeks for top flowers (tomato feed).

If you have planted earlier then transplant the dahlias to final growing positions in borders or containers from May. You will be done in no time at all! 😁

Making The Most of My Small Garden Patch 🏡

I have a small shared growing space at my house and my plan is to make the most of it! With the help of quite a lot of pots (some pretty ugly ones too), I have been able to plan Spring and Summer flower displays, and I’m now waiting to see how successful they are.💐

Most of these were planted before I realised the importance of marking what I have planted! 😅 But I do know there will be some amazing tulips, Dutch Irises and Fritillaries coming out soon!

Just goes to show, you don’t need much space to start growing! I can’t wait to see what’s next…I seem to be getting addicted to plants!

Nick – Rookie Gardener

Seed Pantry

The Grow Pod 2 – Part 1: Setting Up 🌱

ATTENTION!! 🏫 The Seed Pantry University tutorial is now in session! 📚 So get your pens and paper out and put your phones away! 📝 Today’s tutorial: Setting up The Grow Pod 2!

Over the last few months, we have received questions about growing plants from scratch with the Grow Pod 2. So we thought we would make a video series to help people get the most out of their Seed Pantry Grow Pods!👨‍🎓👩‍🎓.

In the first video, Professor Seed Pantry (Neil) will run through setting up the Grow Pod 2, some planting tips and tricks and the best times to grow the included Starter Grow Pack! 📚

Link:  http://bit.ly/GrowPodsetup


Seed Pantry